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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Ann's At It Again

Once again, Ann Coulter takes some gratuitous potshots at Judge Roberts here.

She's done it before. And I objected at the time, on the grounds that the objections were neither warranted nor strategically sensible (as set forth in more detail in my weekly column here).

Again -- as satisfying as it might be for some conservatives to revel in the delicious agony of dashed expectations, it makes no sense to compare John Roberts continually with Justice Souter. Among other differences, Judge Roberts has lived his entire adult life in Washington, D.C. and won't be overwhelmed by dramatic life changes resulting from his nomination -- as Justice Souter was. (For more on the benefits of an "inside the Beltway" nominee, see this).

And simply because Judge Roberts hasn't shouted his conservative principles from the rooftops doesn't mean that he doesn't hold them, and strongly so (although I would encourage The White House and Judge Roberts both to stop acting as though an affiliation with The Federalist Society is tantamount to membership in the CPUSA).

Let's give John Roberts a chance -- after all, what's the point in attacking him and thereby helping Senators Leahy, Kennedy, Durbin et al.? If he does turn out to be another Souter, there will be plenty of time to take notice of -- and offense at -- his weakmindedness.


Blogger Dr. Hackenbush said...

Carol, your comments are dead on. I love Ann, but she's really starting to irritate me. She's made her point. I disagree. Fine. But this is the third week in a row that she's used her weekly column to make the exact same point, and she's beginning to sound like a broken record. We need to see the old Ann Coulter, the one who bashes liberals, not conservatives, again. She is starting to alienate her base and cost herself future book sales!

Carol, this post and the previous one you have addressing Ann's concerns say it all. I've made similar comments myself. Ann's harping on this accomplishes nothing, and the evidence that John Roberts is the type of Justice we want is pretty darn overwhelming. It's nothing like the record Souter had.

We have enough problems fighting the liberals and the mainstream media (am I being redundant?). We don't need the extra burden of fighting our own. Keep up the good work, Carol.

8:18 AM  

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