Carol Platt Liebau: Retired? Or just truth-impaired?

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Retired? Or just truth-impaired?

Here, an interesting piece about Valerie Plame's donation to anti-Bush PAC America Coming Together. Even more interesting -- she listed her occupation as "retired", and "N/A" as her employer.

What's with supposedly "undercover" agents drawing attention to themselves with political donations? Was Valerie Plame "retired"? Or was she just "embroidering" the truth, in the fine style of husband Joe Wilson?


Blogger cookie jill said...

Carol - The CIA would beg to differ. They are the ones that actually filed a criminal complaint with the Justice Department. They wouldn't have done so had it been "frivolous"

Eleven former intelligence officers are speaking up on behalf of CIA officer Valerie Plame, saying leaking her identity may have damaged national security and threatens the ability of U.S. intelligence gathering.
In a statement to congressional leaders, the former officers said the Republican National Committee has circulated talking points focusing on the idea that Plame was not working undercover and deserved no protection.

There are thousands of U.S. intelligence officers who work at a desk in the Washington, D.C., area every day who are undercover as Plame was when her identity was leaked, the 11 former officers said in a three-page statement.

..."Intelligence officers should not be used as political footballs," the 11 said. "In the case of Valerie Plame, she still works for the CIA and is not in a position to publicly defend her reputation and honor."

The leak of CIA agent Valerie Plame's identity is the result of "partisan madness" that is undermining U.S. security during a time of war, a panel of former CIA operatives told a group of congressional Democrats on Friday.

"For the first time in the history of the United States, by any administration, a political operative [Bush adviser Karl Rove] went after an active intelligence officer and leaked her name for petty, trivial political reasons, and at the end of the day, has caused terrific damage to the United States," former CIA analyst Larry Johnson said at the forum on Capitol Hill.

Unfortunately, what this administration has done is taken out a huge chunk of "human intelligence" that is so important on the "war on terror". Brewster Jennings was a CIA cover agency that specialized in monitoring WMD and Energy issues on a world wide basis. All their work is now for naught. Blown. At a time when their intelligence is what we needed most.

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