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Friday, March 18, 2005

On Monday, I posted

Just a final word on the outcome of the Brian Nichols saga. Today on Sean Hannity's radio show, I heard the woman whom Nichols took hostage, and who eventually him to turn himself in. Apparently, she spoke with him about God and Jesus, and read the religious book "The Purpose-Driven Life" to him. No one can divine the mind of God, of course, and cynics will scoff -- but could it be that this story serves as a needed reminder of the transformative power of God's love? And not just for Nichols?

But Peggy Noonan says it even better, of course.

How stange and how wonderful that all this should come to pass. But as C.S. Lewis pointed out in Mere Christianity, it's the strange and unexpected stuff that just usually happens to be true.


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