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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Readers respond

Some readers and correspondents have offered their thoughts on my earlier post about the dearth of female bloggers. I've tried to post a fairly representative sample.

Here's an excerpt from what Norm wrote:

I suggest that female bloggers spend far too much time talking only to themselves. Where are your links to other sites so that bloggers may visit you through reciprocal surfing?Where are your comments on other issues with links? Send posts to other sites as comments and mix it up with some of the mutual conversations, puzzles, opinion solicitations, etc. I find very few female bloggers doing this . . ..

I think some other female bloggers do do this -- LaShawn Barber and Michelle Malkin among others. But it's a weakness of mine -- I'll work on it, Norm.

My fabulous correspondent Ruth Anne -- formerly the only female attorney at the 82nd Airborne JAG shop -- subscribes to the "who needs the hassle?" theory I set forth in the post immediately below. Eventually she transferred from the 82nd across post to a different division.

She writes, in part:

I thought that being a good lawyer for the soldiers and command was more important than whether I had 12 jumps this quarter [only 1 was required to stay current]. All that to say, "Yes! Why bother?".

Dennis writes, in part:

I also enjoy knowing that you actually do read your email--you are responsive to readers. This is not a female trait.

I don't know about the latter, Dennis, but thanks for the kind words (here and elsewhere in your note to me!). I enjoy hearing from all my readers, and I read all my mail -- after all, if you can take the time to contact me, I can certainly take the time to consider your comments!

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