Carol Platt Liebau: Gavin Newsom is a Jerk

Friday, March 18, 2005

Gavin Newsom is a Jerk

It's hardly a news-flash, is it? Even so, it's remarkable that Gavin Newsom refuses to honor the Iraq war dead by lowering flags to half staff in San Francisco tomorrow. Even the supervisors wanted to do it, in memory of people "of all nationalities" who have died in the war (and that I have no problem with, as long as they mean allies or "the innocent" of all nationalities . . . I'm certainly not honoring the terrorist cowards who are threatening to blow up women and children to stop the spread of democracy).

But to refuse to pay tribute to the people who have died to protect America and free Iraq is one of the most breathtaking examples of arrogant anti-Americanism I've ever seen.

The next time that Democrats assure us that they "support the troops," let's ask them about Gavin Newsom.


Blogger Dan Patterson said...

To: Gavin Newsom
From: Dan Patterson
Subject: Honor, Duty, Sacrifice
Date: March 19th, 2005

Fuck You.
Strong letter to follow.

8:36 AM  

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