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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

What a relief. The spelling bee is back on in Lincoln, R.I., where it had been cancelled because the competition "left some children behind" in what the school deemed a violation -- in spirit, presumably -- of No Child Left Behind legislation. (HT: Best of the Web).

And here it is the liberal problem in a nutshell: "No Child Left Behind" doesn't mean that no child may ever excel more than some others. It means that we, as a society, have made a collective commitment to ensure that no children are abandoned without the opportunity and the means to excel -- if they can. That is -- it's "no child left behind," not "no child allowed forward", and politically correct types would do well to grasp the distinction.


Blogger Birkel said...

A buddy of mine spent a year studying at the University of Copenhagen. He said there was real social stigma attached to claims of excellence. (E.g. If one of his classmates claimed to be able to run faster than the rest of the students, he would be reprimanded and shunned.)

Of course, that type of Left-Think is headed this way but for the Right's resistance.

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