Carol Platt Liebau

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Technology may do more than anything to make abortion rare. As this piece points out, certain clinics, often with a pro-life bent, have remarkable success persuading women not to abort simply by providing them with an ultrasound that allows them to understand exactly what is going on inside them.

The president of NARAL (National Abortion Rights Action League)/Pro Choice America has this to say: "With or without ultrasound, women understand the moral dimensions of their choices."

So one side is providing women with more information than they've ever had before. The other can't even use the word "abortion" -- again, it's women's "choices." Who do you think is being more honest? And wouldn't you say that it's the organizations providing women with more -- not less -- information that actually do respect the "moral dimensions of [women's] choices"?

Seems to me that if you've nothing to hide, there's no harm in providing as many facts as possible to women who find themselves in the sad and difficult position of confronting an unwanted pregnancy.


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