Carol Platt Liebau

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Check this out. "An audiotape purportedly of Al-Qaeda number two Ayman al-Zawahiri hit out at the US concept of freedom . . . " What else do you need to hear to know the President is doing the right thing? The bad doctor must be feeling a little threatened somewhere in his spider hole.

Al-Zawahiri reportedly said that the kind of liberty he believes in is "not the liberty of homosexual marriages and the abuse of women as a commodity to gain clients, win deals or attract tourists." Well, isn't it interesting that, in American politics, Republicans are the ones more opposed to both gay marriage and the immodest displays that can be found in popular culture?

And why, then, do the Dems leave the Republicans to lead the fight against Islamofascism? Maybe they should devote a little of the energy they spend on attacking the Republicans who oppose gay marriage to fighting the people who aren't just opposed to gay marriage -- they want to kill gay people. And maybe the feminists should spend a little less time worrying about George W's stand on abortion and worry a little more about people who want to subjugate them and deny them not only their "reproductive rights" (as they are wont to call abortion) but any rights, at all.


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