Carol Platt Liebau: Eason Jordan in trouble?

Monday, February 07, 2005

Eason Jordan in trouble?

According to National Review's TKS, David Gergen and Sen. Chris Dodd both have corroborated initial accounts of Eason Jordan accusing the American military of "targeting" journalists.

This is crazy talk -- absolutely unacceptable for someone heading a worldwide news organization.

And what's disappointing is to read Gergen's statement that The Washington Post considered doing a story last week, but did not. The Post's media critic is Howard Kurtz -- a capable man, but also the anchor of "Reliable Sources", on CNN. So he has a conflict of interest which -- if anything -- should have made him more diligent about reporting the story . . ..

What few people have discussed is the fact that Jordan noted in his February 2 statement on this site that "NBC, Reuters, and Al Jazeera have all complained to the U.S. military that their journalists have been wrongly detained, imprisoned, and abused by U.S. military forces." Where and when? I'd like to see those complaints.

Oh, and please note that no one else has accused the military of murdering journalists. That's a pretty important distinction.


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