Carol Platt Liebau

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Good. Bill Moyers has formally apologized to James Watt for passing along a fabricated quote that conveniently makes Secretary Watt look like a fundamentalist wacko.

But as the news story points out, Moyers' letter of apology is not entirely conciliatory -- as, frankly, would become someone who made such an egregious mistake. The letter's text reads,in part, "I found it baffling, when in our conversation of today, you were unaware of how some fundamentalist interpretations of the Bible influence political attitudes toward the environment."

Allow me to posit a theory that might eradicate Mr. Moyers' confusion. Could it be that the "fundamentalist interpretations of the Bible" that have him so frightened have been largely conceived, discussed and disseminated as scare tactics by the same sort of people who convinced him that the fabricated Watt quote was the Gospel truth???


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