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Friday, January 14, 2005

"The Rev. Michael F. Ray", as this ridiculous, lionizing New York Times story calls him, is -- truthfully -- an idiot. To protest the Episcopal Church's policy against same sex marriages, he is now refusing to marry anyone in his church -- he's calling it a "moratorium." Even though, mind you, no gay couples have even asked to be married there.

Note that the Episcopal prayer book and canon law defines marriage as the union of a man and a woman. But because Ray doesn't agree with the existing canon law, he's willing to hold his own parishioners -- and his own church -- hostage. Some hero. Some priest.

Of course, his "protest" is mostly symbolic -- there were only five marriages at his church per year, anyway . . . but his cheap political stunt did get him a story in the secular version of the Bible. And congratulations are due him for yet another reason -- in "solidarity," his own daughter won't be married in the Church. Frankly, given her father's radical views about Church doctrine, that's probably appropriate.

What's a shame is, as the article notes in passing, that his church, St. Thomas', has "lost" some parishioners since the moratorium went into effect. Not that Mr. Ray likely cares. Like too many other Episcopal priests these days, he may not be at all troubled by driving traditionalists from his parish. Makes it easier if there's no one here but us liberals, after all.

Make no mistake: No one has (or should have) a problem with welcoming gays into the Episcopal Church for membership, fellowship and worship. Too bad people like Ray, through their obnoxious efforts to force change on a Church at any cost, can't allow traditionalists to feel similarly welcome in his Church -- and theirs.

Don't ask why the Episcopal Church is hemorraging members. There's no need. Just check out Michael Ray's church.


Blogger Marshall Art said...

It's pretty bad when leaders of Christian churches join in the chorus of liberal lunacy. It's one thing to rewrite human history, it's quite another to rewrite God's will. I think that's called "heresy".

My own denomination, the United Church of Christ, has the same problem. They are proud to be the first to ordain an openly gay minister. Hopefully, at least I pray for his sake, he's celibate.

What these "loving", "progressive", in any case, liberal ministers, like the rest of the lib population don't seem to understand is that it's one thing to minister to the gay folks, it's another to condone their behavior. That's what marriage does. They should also remember that they may ask God to bless those unions, but it's not likely He will, considering He's the One who calls it an abomination.

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