Carol Platt Liebau

Friday, January 14, 2005

Here is just one more reason to bemoan the quality of Bill Jones' campaign. Barbara Boxer, the Barbra Streisand of the Senate, is planning to oppose California's own Condoleezza Rice -- while Senator Feinstein, who has not only more intelligence but a greater sense of decorum, intends to introduce her to the Foreign Relations Committee.

Just for grins, my dog, Winston, is signed up to receive Barbara Boxer's emails (with his keen intelligence and sense of humor, Winston is better able than I to cope with the misleading inanities these communications include). The most recent one was titled "Boxer Asks Californians to List Priorities." Let me tell you what's top on my list: Making sure that this is Boxer's last term in the Senate. What a complete and total buffoon -- and what an embarassment to California!


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