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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

John Kerry is a disgrace. In furtherance of his own political goals (yes, he actually thinks that he can run again as the Dems' nominee in '08), he is willing to undermine our collective faith in American democracy. (Plus sound like a sore loser. I'm still waiting for him to protest what sounds like massive vote fraud in Washington State).

In many ways, a democracy can function only if the people participating in it have faith that their hands are being squarely dealt. Once that elusive faith is eroded, there is chaos -- a governmental version of Thomas Hobbes' "war of all against all." It was that sense that prompted Richard Nixon not to challenge JFK's presidential victory, even where there was excellent evidence of vote tampering in the city of Chicago -- and why I believe that, absent clear, compelling and readily provable evidence of wrongdoing, Dino Rossi (up in Washington) should concede defeat and then get ready to take out Senator Maria Cantwell in '06.

In contrast, Al Gore -- for his own selfish political ends -- broke this tradition and chose to make wildly unsubstantiated claims of voter suppression on racial grounds. Since '00, Democrats have tried to rally their base with these claims, heedless of how their untruths pollute the political atmosphere in a very deadly way that's not easily reversed. It could be argued that they were so effective at stoking this resentment that it's led to some very intemperate behavior within their ranks -- behavior that turned off a lot of middle of hte road voters this year.

Now John Kerry is making the same Faustian bargain. For short term gain, he's slinging allegations that corrode American political and civic life. But he doesn't care, because for him, it's all about John Kerry. Forget what this piece argues -- that Kerry lost because he tried to "edit" who he was.

Not so. The people knew too well who Kerry was -- a fellow who believed in "global tests" and who had slandered his comrades in arms -- and understood that he'd say anything that was to his short term political advantage. Chalk one more up for the American people; they were right again.


Blogger Alexander said...

Up here in Washington the evidence is clear and compelling. There have been far more than enough felons and dead people identified as having voted to overturn the slim 129 vote difference.

The question becomes "wrong doing" on whose part. I don't believe that Ms. Gregoire or the WA State Dem Committee were behind any of the fraud/incompetence/wrong doing, however, they certainly benefitted from it.

Dino Rossi has stated that overturning the result isn't the right answer. A new election to clearly identify the will of the voters is the only way to put this mess behind us. I agree with him. If the results of the November election are used to seat either contender, the real loser is public confidence in the electoral process.

Mr. Nixon failed to challenge the results in 1960. Perhaps if he had Viet Nam would never have conusmed the lives of so many of our sons. The Bay of Pigs could have been completely different and Fidel Castro a footnote in history. The Cuban Missile Crisis may never have happened. Looking back, maybe Nixon should have stood and fought. In the here and now, Rossi absolutely should fight this injustice. Stealing elections by design or default is just plain wrong.

11:19 AM  
Blogger eLarson said...

I tend to concur that Maria Cantwell is vulnerable in the Senate. If Rossi is gracious in the same way that Thune was in South Dakota prior to coming back to defeat Daschle in '04, I suspect he could do it.

Out of curiosity, though, who else would the Washington GOP have lined up for '06?

11:34 AM  
Blogger Alexander said...

If the Farce election holds and Dino Rossi gets ripped off then he is in the pole position.

If Dino is governor, then it defaults to former Congressman George Nethercutt.

Dark horse candidate would be the newly elected Attorney General Rob McKenna. Dark horse for 2006, however, it looks like he has a very bright future...take out Murray in 2008? Quite Possible.

4:40 PM  

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