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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

You just have to love the opening of the Clinton Presidential Library -- home of the double entendre, leering glance and wandering hands. Not surprisingly, the Clintons are trying to use it as a way to spin history, but it won't work. The alleged Clinton charm may dazzle historians who are his contemporaries but -- just like Warren Harding -- Clinton's stock will plummet in years to come, and he'll be lucky to be rated as a mediocre president. A wasted opportunity -- not just for him, but for America. And, saddest of all, a great opportunity for America's enemies, as we saw on 9/11.

The invaluable Media Research Center continues to do yeoman duty, reporting on Chris Matthews' appalling assertion that the Iraq insurgents -- who cut off heads and murder British aid workers like Margaret Hassen -- are "not bad guys, especially." Really? On what planet? And then the MSM wonders why more and more people are turning to Fox News, the internet and the blogs.

And many in the chattering classes continue to see red over the election results. This piece by Harold Meyerson bemoans the lack of a Democratic "theme" in the past election. One could argue that it's a logical result of a party that has little left in the way of organizing principles -- Dems in recent years have just relied on racking up enough chits with a wide variety of interest groups -- African-Americans, unions, pro-choicers and others -- to get them over the line, with little unifying theory between any of them.

And so now a debate within the Democratic party is beginning to develop -- expect to hear a lot of cynical God talk from the Dems in years to come. The problem for Democrats, of course, is two fold: (1) Their party contains a very influential, virulently anti-religious wing; and (2) people can spot insincerity a mile away. It didn't help John Kerry to woo churchgoers by arguing that "faith without works is dead" (a key point of difference betweeen Catholics and Protestants, by the way), because he mouthed the words with the kind of studied condescension featured in the worst (and most inaccurate) stereotypes of missionaries "bringing religion" to backward natives. And wouldn't we have heard a little more about the "inappropriateness" of using religion to attack one's opponent if it had been President Bush doing it?

Speaking of media bias, here is a well deserved tribute to one of America's most valiant and vigilant media watch dogs, Reed Irvine, who has died. May he rest in peace.


Blogger Janus said...


Your latest postings have been right on!

I can't but feel a little sorry as I watch the coverage on Bill Clintons library ceremony. Everything is so forced and contrived. I'm sure the double mint twins (Matthews & Olbermann) will have a 30 minute hype piece tonight.

Bubbah brought so much talent to the White House, but squandered it all on an uncontrolable appetite.

Looking forward to the N.Y. Times piece on how the evangelicals convinced got God to pile on too with the rain today.

10:24 AM  
Blogger solburger said...

I can't get away from this bogus complaint that Bush took the election by pushing religion. I heard Garafalo arguing this to Hannity. What election are these people talking about? Hannity should read your blog, Carol.

It was embarrasing to see JFKerry trying to prove that God was on his side with "bible quotes". Even if he didn't blow the verses by using the Deepak Chopra versions, everyone could see there isn't a spiritual bone in that guys body. I would have turned on Bush if he tried to pull that hokum. Bush turned out to be the class act and Kerry tried wearing the collar of religiosity. It is a national embarassment and this country needs more shame.
The socialist left does not understand the difference between Jesus Christ and Josheph Campbell, so they assume we can't either.

2:59 PM  

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