Carol Platt Liebau

Friday, November 12, 2004

There are some conservatives out there in Hollywood, even if they don't know it themselves. I saw "The Incredibles" earlier this evening. Not only are family relationships treated with refreshing respect, the theme of the entire movie revolves around the injustice created when a society demands only mediocrity from everyone -- even pointing out that "when everyone is 'special,' no one is special." As the movie demonstrates, greater good for everyone results when those with special talents, gifts and abilities are encouraged to, not prevented from, using them. There are also some pretty funny jabs at modern day litigiousness.


Blogger David said...

Good news about "The Incredibles" though perhaps instead of "conservatives" one might call the folks who made the film "reality-based realists" [heh]. How ironic to get a decent depiction of commonsense from cartoon film.

My aversion to the word "conservative" is simply because I really don't know how much content the word "conservative" has any more. Certainly more meaningful content than that once decent word "liberal," but not much more in today's climate.

(BTW, Right vs. Left seems almost as bad. See: for a different slant on political labels)

Still, it's good (amazing!) to hear of something from the Left Coast [heh] that resonates with some of the values I hold. I was beginning to think of it as first century Pharisees thought of Nazareth...

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