Carol Platt Liebau

Monday, November 15, 2004

Most of the time, I have no use for Joe Klein's posturing writing; this time, however, he hits it right on the head in this piece about the values gap between Democrats and Republicans. It's funny, though . . . everyone' s a Monday morning quarterback. Why didn't we hear any of this from Mr. Klein before the election?

On to Hollywood . . . where it appears that there are at least two others who agree with my assessment of the conservative overtones both in "The Incredibles" and "Team America." Read it here -- and note they don't sound as happy as I am about it!

Finally, after the Nobel Peace Prize went to Yasser Arafat and Jimmy Carter, there was reason to believe that much of prize's value was quickly depreciating. If this nominee wins, well, Q.E.D. Anti-nuclear and "peace" activist Helen Caldicott confides that, since the election, she has never "felt so personally, politically devastated in my life and that includes when [former president Ronald] Reagan won a second term of office . . ." What's she worried about? Is she afraid that President Bush going to do as much to further peace in the Arab world as President Reagan did to win the Cold War?


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