Carol Platt Liebau: Election Day!

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Election Day!

It's here -- time to go vote for freedom and fearlessness!

It's probably not a lot of use to listen to the MSM today. They are hoping, praying desperately that Kerry pulls this out of the bag. And their comments reflect it.

Nor is there any reason to fret over reports of long lines at the polling place. Reports are that they are there in Red States, as well -- and they are every bit as likely to be a show of strength for the President as for John Kerry. Wouldn't it be ironic if all the much vaunted talk of the Democrats' turnout prowess had the effect of mobilizing Republicans to unprecedented levels?

At this point, it's a matter of wait and see.

Here's how to watch: Florida first. When/if the President wins that, look to Ohio and Pennsylvania. When/if he wins either of those, things are looking very, very good. If he loses both, the race shifts to the upper midwest -- WI, MN, MI. Kerry has to thread the needle much more than President Bush does.

Remember: Romans 8:28.


Blogger David said...

While I didn't exactly vote for "freedom and fearlessness!" the idea finds some resonance here. Of course, the guys n gals on the short end of the stick over in Iraq may not be exactly fearless when they're being the "thin red line o' 'eroes/when the guns begin to shoot" they are certainly courageous, and we can do no less than support them in every way we can... most importantly, today, by getting everyone we can out to vote for W.

Romans 8:28... indeed. A good thought to keep in mind in these times. Will we be the "called" for whom God works all together for good? Will America be a "city set on a hill" a "light for all to see"? This day may well set the course, for good if we heed the call or for ill if not.

As to listening to Mass Media Podpeople, today... Listened to Fox for a while until my blood pressure became nearly unmanageable. Figured that if Fox affected me that way, I didn't want to hear from any of the other androids.

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