Carol Platt Liebau: Home at Last!

Sunday, October 31, 2004

Home at Last!

It's Halloween, and the Kerry team is scary. From The New York Post, we learn that Chris Heinz has called the President a "cokehead". Chris' mom is taken to task by the man she told to "shove it" here.

Adjunct members of the team, like "Uncle Walter," are an illustration of just how out of the mainstream the party has become. He actually thinks that Karl Rove has arranged for the Osama tape! Say what?

President Bush, on the other hand, has Curt Schilling and Rudy Giuliani on his team. It's not a time for despair -- it's a time to email everyone on your list and -- if they're Bush people -- remind them to vote!

Coming up shortly: The ad I wish I had seen from President Bush.


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