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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

It's hard to link on a different computer, so just a couple of observations.

The new terror warnings are disconcerting, of course, but the American people are not cowards -- we will carry on as always. The effect, of course, is to remind everyone why it's imperative that President Bush remain in office. Is there anyone who really believes that John Kerry will take as hard a line as the President?

In the meantime, Kerry is being revealed as the desperate say-anything type he is, as he appears to have been willing to take the word of an anti-Bush U.N. type, ensconced in the pages of The New York Times, about the efficacy and competence of the 101st Airborne, who were charged with securing the munitions at Al Qaqaa. That tells you what four years of Kerry would be like, right there.

Now is not a time for faint hearts of any kind. It's a time for steadiness and resolution. Some polls may be encouraging, some may not be. But it's vital that EVERYONE do his or her part to make sure that we have a strong, determined leader who trusts the American people and the American military over the UN high command and the "international community."


Blogger bobby said...

True. The effect is to remind everyone why it's imperative that President Bush remain in office, and that's why we must, now, days before the election, remind people that the chance that a terrorist might kill them in the next few days is unusually high. Re-elect Bush!

5:20 PM  
Blogger bobby said...

Dear Carol,

I expect you have already deleted my comments to your other posts, and will most certainly delete this as well. You may not have even read this far. I understand your desire to stand by your candidate, but to completely ignore facts that refute your viewpoint is not helpful to humanity. I don't know if you do it on purpose, but you often repeat reports that support your point of view while completely ignoring those that don't (even if those are better supported by the truth), and I don't think this is a very Christian act. Perhaps you only need to do more research. For example, for the current case of the weapons from Al Qa Qaa, I implore you to visit to read what is probably the best accumulation of the facts of this case, and discusses the evidence you discuss as well as evidence that indicates this was not handled well by the current administration. The young man who runs this site is indeed slightly left of center, but has proven to me to not buy into "evidence" simply because it supports his viewpoint, but only if it is the line of reasoning best supported by the facts. This can certainly be accomplished by someone right of center like yourself. If we all acted as such, regardless of our political views, the world would be something that would certainly make Jesus more proud than the world we are now living in.

God bless,
Bobby Sugarpants

5:38 PM  

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