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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

The best laid plans of mice and men . . .

It's important that all of us do everything we can to help counter the propaganda spread by the New York Times and CBS. Unless Kerry and his pigeons in the media want to claim that the 101st Airborne let 38 trucks filled with explosives travel right past them on road the US was occupying, there's no way its propaganda can be true. Fox News has it straight.

Of course, if other munitions disappeared during the run up to war, it's possible that WMD's may have, too. See the comment from the 7:49 am post by reader Gary.

In recent years, it's become habit for Dems to try to drop a last minute stink bomb to throw off an election. Luckily, given early balloting, they tried earlier than before this year, so there's time for the truth to get out.

After the election is over, it's going to be time to start thinking systematically about how to get a handle on the MSM and its obvious partisanship. Jesse Helms may have been on to something.

And for more on the character of the man the MSM loves, read this by Thomas Sowell. Stop and think, indeed!


Blogger David said...

"t's important that all of us do everything we can to help counter the propaganda spread by the New York Times..."

Living, as I do, in a more-than-less rural area, I tend to think locally rather than globally about things like this. I engage clients, friends, family— indeed, nearly everyone I come into contact with—in conversations about the unreliability of mass media podpeople, citing specific examples of lies, damned lies and lying statistics, in hopes of spreading the meme that no one can trust mass media podpeople to tell them the truth about anything. I also regularly print out bumper stickers (for our cars, although I have had several folks ask where they, too, could get one of my Rathergate stickers :-) and T-Shirts (mostly for my college aged son to wear) pointing out media lies.

Whatever might be helpful in personal contacts...

But in addition, I use almost every address in my (main) computer's addressbook to spread the news, as well, always seeking to cite specific examples that illustrate the ongoing problem mass media podpeople have with truth. Each one is as accurate as I can manage and includes encouragement to both forward the email to everyone in the recipients' addressbooks and to check out further information available at various sources, primary and secondary, on the net (including my little "for friends and family" blog, which mainly has links to other resources).

In addition, I occasionally include instructions for neophyte computer users in how to make a distro list for use in their email client, email nettiquette (getting permission to include people on such distro lists, removing people from distro lists who don't want to recieve such mail, etc.), formatting tips, etc.

On average, about once a month, recently, I have called and written or emailed congresscritters, mass media podperson lairs (network/TV phones) and advertisers voicing my displeasure with the outright lies, damned lies and lying statistics promoted by mass media podpeople.

And I send several emails a day to the Kerry campaign with the simple message, "Sign SF-180".

What else are others doing, I wonder?

10:15 AM  

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