Carol Platt Liebau

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

In the steady drip-drip-drip of evidence about the quality of John Kerry's character, we now have this. It appears that he plagiarized passages in his 1997 book and elsewhere. Remember when plagiarism problems were enough to eliminate Joe Biden from the presidential race of 1988? Seems quaint in the post-Clinton era, doesn't it?

Just add this episode to the following:

1) His fantasies about meetings with the Security Council and Christmas-in-Cambodia

2) His refusal to reprove violence -- real or threatened -- against political adversaries

3) His attack on Mary Cheney

4) His deliberate use of bald faced lies for political gain -- scaring young people with lies about the possibility of a draft and scaring old people with lies about social security being taken away

5) His embrace of radical left wing groups like and Michael Moore -- which constitutes the liberal equivalent to President Bush receiving support from some weird separatist militia

6) His willingness to blame others for his own mistakes -- remember when he cursed at his Secret Service agent when he fell down in the snow, or pointed to his speechwriters when a portion of his speeches, on "outsourcing", drew criticism?

Even aside from his politics of left wing pessism and appeasement, John Kerry doesn't have the character to be president. Know of other non-policy-related examples I should add? Email me (see above right under "Contact").


Blogger Gary said...

Carol, what do you make of the "astonishing" news release from the U.N. that 400 tons of material that could be used for nuclear and other forms of terrorist activities has gone missing on Bush's watch? This was first "revealed" by the NYTimes and now NBC is saying the material was gone when we got into Iraq. Depending on who is right, it seems to me that these obvious weapons of mass destruction were either in Irag before or after the invasion in April. I thought Bush lied about WMD.

8:23 AM  

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