Carol Platt Liebau: Hillary the Victim, Redux

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hillary the Victim, Redux

Is this a joke? "Feminist leaders" are trying to argue that Barack Obama's "snub" of Hillary Clinton and a picture of him talking with Ted Kennedy are emblematic of raging sexism.

This obviously constitutes a gambit by Hillary supporters to draw women to her by portraying her as a pioneer fighting -- yes, you guessed it -- against the "old boys' club." Eliciting that kind of sentiment worked in her race against Rick Lazio in 2000, and it supposedly helped her after the debate preceding the New Hampshire primary. So they're trying it again.

Let's just have a reality check for a moment. Hillary Clinton is tough as nails. Are we really supposed to believe that a snub (if there was one) by Barack Obama is going to bother her at all? And do these feminists really want us to? Because the next question is this: If she (and they) can't get over the absence of a handshake from a political rival, how exactly is she going to deal with America's enemies?

In light of this stuff, it's hard to understand how Hillary's run is really advancing the cause of feminism. Presidential politics can seem ridiculous enough without this kind of silliness.


Blogger chad said...

"tough as nails"?

are u serious? crying after losing one measly caucus debunks that nonesense.

wake up republicans and do the right thing - vote mitt or we're in dire trouble

3:07 PM  

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