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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Getting over it

This is guest blogger wile e coyote.

It looks as if John McCain has won the Florida GOP primary and has the inside track for the nomination.

No small number of conservative bloggers have blasted McCain. (I'm no great fan either.)

The bloggers have described his faults at great length and minute detail. Now, it's time for these bloggers to discuss what it is about McCain that has attracted at least one third of Republicans. The "free pass from the MSM" won't cut it. If the MSM were that powerful, W wouldn't have two terms in the White House.

Ideas, anbody?


Blogger Ruth Anne Adams said...

Here's one: In his 25 or so years as a legislator, he has never once voted to raise taxes. Further, he has zero, zip, zilch, nada earmarks on his record. He's a fiscal hawk.

Here's two: he risked his whole reputation calling for more troops in Iraq. The surge is working and McCain deserves some of the credit.

Here's three: he has a son serving in Iraq and another son set to go in theater soon. Mitt's 5 boys, 3 Eagle Scouts, and not one sought public service in the military? And his answer to that question [we're serving the US by campaigning for Dad] has stuck in the craw of more than one military family member I personally know.

Here's four: McCain is pro-life and would appoint originalist judges. [And his Gang of 14 much-maligned maneuver did indeed ensconce some very conservative jurists who otherwise would have been filibustered; his Gang of 14 stunt preserved a filibuster for those times--like now--when we are the minority party.]

Here's five: he's so darn old, he'll probably only serve one term. Pick the VP well. He might be up in only 4 years.

7:11 PM  
Blogger The Conductor said...

We now have our answer to how McCain was able to get this far. He built a conservative record up and then sold it out to position himself for a for a presidential run. "He never once voted to raise taxes," except, of course, for when he did. He voted against the Bush tax cuts, twice. When they expire taxes will go...the opposite direction of down.

The Gang of 14 *undermined* the appointment of conservative judges. The Dems blocked several nominees without having to pay the political price of filibustering. It shows McCain doesn't care if conservatives get on the bench if he can't claim credit for it.

This is why insiders don't trust him. But outsiders, who don't follow the intracacies of the political process, give him credit for being conservative (not realizing he is quick to abandon conservatism for career gain) and the MSM love him all over because they can change his mind with left-leaning news stories (because he is so quick to abandon his conservatism).

The best you can say about McCain is that he severely lacks talent in backroom political dealing. A more cynical view is that he simply doesn't care about conservatism.

7:55 AM  

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