Carol Platt Liebau: Indisputably Good News

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Indisputably Good News

As Jack Kelly points out, the war in Iraq is going well -- not that you'd know it from the coverage in the MSM.

Of course, this presents a political problem for the Democrats -- who've bet so much on the notion that the war is unwinnable and defeat is the only option. As I pointed out some time ago, hoping for an American defeat isn't just wrong -- it's a risky political strategy.


Blogger Greg said...

The Democrats have forced themselves into a position where they must now DESPERATELY hope for bad news out of Iraq! What a position to be in. How can any American of any political persuasion be comfortable with the notion of needing America's foreign policy and America's military to suffer in order for them to succeed?

But that's exactly where the Democrats are at this point.

The problem is that, even though our actions in Iraq are proving to be successful, Democrats and their bedfellows in the media are so desperate to thwart that success they will latch onto almost anything that makes America look bad and trumpet it as "proof" that America has lost the war in Iraq.

So after the Democratic and Republican primaries are over and we're in the midst of the general campaign, look for some event in Iraq that is politically and militarily insignificant to be plastered all over the media. Regardless of the facts on the ground, Democrats will try to convince the American public that Iraq is a lost cause.

Be prepared. It's coming.

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