Carol Platt Liebau: Autism and Its Challenges

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Autism and Its Challenges

Thomas Sowell writes about the danger of overdiagnosing autism -- a phenomenon that seems to be becoming more and more common.

He notes:

Many parents have told me that they have been urged to let their children be labeled autistic, or on the autistic spectrum, in order to get money for speech therapy or other conditions from grants that are available to deal with autism.

According to a pediatrician I ran into recently, this is absolutely true. The highest incidence of new diagnoses of autism are on the coasts -- precisely where many health insurance plans won't cover very expensive speech therapy, but will cover therapy for those with disorders on the autism spectrum. So because a doctor's duty is to a patient, if they can diagnose the latter, the child's college fund stays intact, but (s)he gets the help (s)he needs.

The topic came up in the context of Jenny McCarthy's new book about her autistic son, which has been all the rage here in L.A. It's reportedly driving pediatricians crazy, because it makes parents reluctant to have their children immunized for measles, mumps and rubella (rumors about thimerasol, a preservative in the vaccine playing a role in autism).

What isn't getting out is that the British researcher whose work sparked the anti-vaccination frenzy has been charged with serious misconduct.


Blogger Aware 4 Autism said...

heh, autism is ever increasing in Florida, and I can only wish that it were because we have such wonderful programs and services for children with autism.

What a farce.

A label of Autism does not entitle a child to any more therapy in Florida than a child with a simple language delay, yet, our numbers are increasing as rapidly as other states.

btw, the MMR never had thimerosal. But it IS a live virus, one that many parents should be concerned and informed about. Especially if the child, or any family member has signs of immunodeficiency. Individuals with immunodeficiency should not receive live virus vaccines, as the viruses can replicate, and infect the child, causing severe illness, or even death!

I wish I had known this before my immunodeficient daughter received the MMR and Varicella vaccines. 3 weeks after the administration of these vaccines, violent seizures stole the life from her eyes.

And now, we are left with no services.

Some bandwagon to jump on.

11:37 AM  
Blogger stackja1945 said...

Carol, in the 1950's my parents authorised my various vaccinations, I am not aware I have autism.
What is going on?
Your other topics about HC and STD seem to all be part of the same problem.
People are following the wrong advice.
Again what is going on?

6:07 PM  

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