Carol Platt Liebau: Finding his Voice?

Monday, November 12, 2007

Finding his Voice?

Barack Obama's performance at the Jefferson-Jackson Day dinner in Iowa has some in the MSM swooning that he has found his "voice."

Well, perhaps. But it's worth asking: Is Obama really saying something new and different? It's possible, of course, that he's decided that it is, indeed, now or never, and has sharpened his rhetoric somewhat, especially when it comes to Hillary Clnton.

But it's just as lkely that what he's saying is being heard differently, now that hte press has decided that there may be a race for the Democratic nomination after all. And, of course, there's nothing that the MSM likes better than a real horse race, especially when it's between two candidates that they consider as fun to cover as Clinton and Obama.

In fairness, however, a bit of the same phenomenon is going on on the Republican side, with the glowing MSM coverage of Mike Huckabee. Some in the MSM may like Huckabee because his economics aren't all that conservative. Others may figure that he'd be easier to beat than a Rudy or Romney -- in light of his preacher background and ethical questions that have been raised.

Or, again, it may be that the MSM loves a dark horse story. But before one decides that it's all just a matter of the press loving the horse race aspect of the election, it's worth pointing out that there's already a race on the GOP side without Huckabee; there isn't one with Obama. Interesting.


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