Carol Platt Liebau: RIP Robert Goulet

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

RIP Robert Goulet

Musical theater legend Robert Goulet has died. Perhaps his most immortal role was as Sir Lancelot in the famed 1960 original Broadway cast of "Camelot" with Richard Burton and Julie Andrews. To hear him sing "If Ever I Could Leave You" was pure joy.

We shall not see a Lancelot like him again.


Blogger B said...

Robert Goulet - that voice, what a gift! - was of the final generation of male "pop singers", guys who could cover any ballad, any time, any where. But the Beatles and rock'n roll pushed him and contemporaries like Steve Lawrence and Ed Ames into a side room for the "older" style. Add to that the next wave of singer-songwriters, and the "pop singers" careers, while still successful, never had the chance to reach the national influence of the previous generation of Dean, Sammy, Perry and, of course, Frank.

I am now 51 - the generation after Goulet's. I had the privilege of seeing 5 of those names above in person. I wish that more of that kind of singer was still around. Today, Harry Connick and Michael Buble are pretty good, but you don't see 'em showing up on Leno or Letterman every coupla weeks.

Suddenly I feel old.

9:59 PM  
Blogger Carter said...

Everyone should listen to his song "Impossible Dream." Extremely powerful and inspirational voice.

6:29 PM  

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