Carol Platt Liebau: A New Day in LA

Sunday, October 21, 2007

A New Day in LA

Congratulations to Bobby Jindal, the Republican who won the Louisiana governor's race.

It's quite true that Jindal almost beat Blanco four years ago. But it's noteworthy that a Republican would win a statewide election there after the drubbing that the GOP took in the wake of Hurricane Katrina (unfairly, in my view, because the contrast in the fates of Mississippi, governed by Republican Haley Barbour and Lousiana highlight the difference competent state officials can make).

Could it be another sign of the rising GOP fortunes that I noted here?


Blogger Greg said...

I never thought the GOP fortunes in 2008 were to be as bad as many had thought. This country is still trending conservative. And Democrats really, REALLY shot themselves in the foot with their despicable actions regarding the Iraq War. They put all their chips in the hands of incompetent leaders betting on a single issue - and LOST!

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