Carol Platt Liebau: Running for Nanny-in-Chief

Friday, October 19, 2007

Running for Nanny-in-Chief

Hillary Clinton is busy criticizing Americans' eating habits.

[Hillary] hinted there could be a role for government, from the President using the bully pulpit to steps involving incentives and penalties.

"I think we can use some carrots and maybe a few sticks to help people understand what they are doing to themselves."

Really? Do we want big government bureaucrats put in charge of penalizing Americans for what goes into their mouths, in an effort to "help people understand what they are doing to themselves"? From that kind of "help" may the saints preserve us -- but hey, that's what government-run healthcare really means. Accept the largesse, and with it comes the bureaucratic bossiness that we're familiar with in our dealings with everything from the IRS to the local post office.

Welcome to Nurse Hillary's vision for the USA.


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