Carol Platt Liebau: Faith and Science

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Faith and Science

Reading this piece in The Wall Street Journal -- highlighting the left's absolute refusal to tolerate scientific inquiry on the question of gender differences and brains -- is a reminder of how specious the liberal assertion of a Bush "war on science" is.

Like global warming, apparently the idea that all gender differences are socially constructed is such an article of faith on the left that it simply can't be questioned by anyone, any time. Scientific skepticism and debate have their limits, I guess . . .


Blogger The Interface said...

Although he was speaking to journalists (and politicians), LtG (ret) Sanchez observation applies to many academics as well: "For some of you, just like some of our politicians, the truth is of little to no value if it does not fit your own preconceived notions, biases and agendas."

8:49 AM  

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