Carol Platt Liebau: Two Views of HRC's Chances

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Two Views of HRC's Chances

Interesting. Fred Barnes appears to believe that Hillary Clinton might be the easiest Democrat to beat, given her pronounced unlikeability.

But then Bill Kristol reports that, in last night's debate, Hillary Clinton came off as the only serious Democrat, and suggests that she might therefore be the toughest to beat.

It strikes me that Hillary's assets and problems ultimately cancel each other out. On the downside (for her, that is; the upside for America) she's widely disliked and would, indeed, probably hurt down-ticket candidates in certain districts. There's also the "Clinton fatigue" factor, and the existence of numerous old scandals. But one can't overlook the strength of the Clinton machine, its partisans' willingness to play as dirty as they need to, and the MSM's penchant for softpedaling Clinton peccadilloes, everywhere from fundraising to the bedroom.


Blogger Chepe Noyon said...

I almost choked in disbelief when I read this:

its partisans' willingness to play as dirty as they need to

Given the recent history of the Republican party and Mr. Rove, this is an astounding comment. I acknowledge that Democrats have engaged in some dirty tricks, but their efforts in this regard cannot hold a candle to a truly masterful dirty-trick-player like Mr. Rove.

11:19 AM  

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