Carol Platt Liebau: Winning the Propaganda War

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Winning the Propaganda War

Thanks to the credulity of Columbia's administration, the Islamic Republic News Agency is able to report this morning that President Ahmadinejad received a "standing ovation" for his speech.

How naive can Lee Bollinger be? Of course, his "tough questions" haven't been covered in Ahmadinejad's part of the world, and they won't be. All the people of the Middle East will hear is that a prestigious American university willingly opened its podium to their terrorist-sponsoring, Islamofascist, American-soldier-killing President -- and that he was greeted with applause.

Way to go, Columbia. BTW, has anyone asked Columbia alum Barack Obama what he thinks of this matter?


Blogger Chepe Noyon said...

I have already pointed out that the Iranian news services would undoubtedly lie about this; I really don't expect that anybody would have thought otherwise. The error in Ms. Liebau's thinking is the subordination of our own political determinations to those of the Iranians. She writes as if it is more important that we meddle in Iranian domestic politics than that we get our own domestic politics right.

I consider that it is far more important that Americans see for themselves just what the truth is. The childish notions of demonization so often presented serve only to muddy the debate and reduce confidence in our overall conclusions. Far, far better to see the man speaking for himself, responding to hard questions.

There's a simple rule here that underlies the First Amendment: in political discussions, truth is always a good thing, and suppression of truth is almost always a bad thing.

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