Carol Platt Liebau: The Guy <i>Really</i> Gunning for Thompson?

Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Guy Really Gunning for Thompson?

Pundits are having a field day noting the various competitors Fred Thompson will have to best in order to win the Republican nomination. Sarah Baxter notes that Rudy Giuliani is gunning for him while Captain Ed notes that a challenge (and an opportunity) could come from Mike Huckabee. No doubt Mitt Romney's people are keeping a close eye on Thompson, as well.

But it strikes me that if anyone has a reason to really come after Thompson hard, it would be Mike Huckabee. The former Arkansas governor has been getting some good buzz, and even a few mentions of a potential pairing as VP for one of the northeastern Republicans (ie Giuliani or Romney). Both Romney and Giuliani have good reason to want to Thompson gone, but neither can discount him as a very credible potential VP pick should they win the nomination, given the geographical balance (and longstanding conservative ideology) he would bring to the ticket. Therefore, while they may come after him hard, they may realize that they might well need him later.

In contrast, Huckabee knows that if Thompson holds either slot on the GOP ticket (President or VP), he's effectively out of luck. Whether that means he'll put more heat on Thompson than either Giuliani or Romney remains to be seen.


Blogger stackja1945 said...

Carol, I have never heard of Huckabee, I have heard of FT, I have heard FT, I like FT. RG will always be remembered for his actions on 9/11. So to me RG/FT in no particular order on the GOP ticket. Now we await cn's vicissitudinous comment, do we not?

12:59 AM  

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