Carol Platt Liebau: Culture of Corruption, We Hardly Knew Ye

Friday, September 07, 2007

Culture of Corruption, We Hardly Knew Ye

This piece in The Washington Post notes that fugitive fundraiser Norman Hsu was on the Democrats' "A list."

So much for the Democrats cleaning up the "culture of corruption" they discussed so earnestly in the run up to the 2006 elections.


Blogger Chepe Noyon said...

I think it rather silly to compare the Hsu case with the many, many cases of Republican corruption. Yes, Hsu was corrupt and all his money is tainted. But note also that the Democratic Party has taken strong measures to distance itself from Mr. Hsu and his money. This was not the case with the Republican scandals.

You can't prevent criminals from giving you money. You can do something about it only after you discover that they're crooks.

10:16 AM  

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