Carol Platt Liebau: A Warning Worth Heeding?

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Warning Worth Heeding?

Jennifer Rubin strikes me as unduly harsh in some of her criticisms of President Bush, but her warning about Fred Thompson versus the other top-tier Republican candidates (Giuliani and Romney) is well worth noting:

First, [conservative insiders] insist on ideological purity, attempting to define Rudy Giuliani out of the mainstream of the party. Then they goad a smart, reform-minded former governor, Mitt Romney, into becoming a human pretzel, cheering as he contorts to adopt their pet social views while ruining his viability.

. . .

Once again, they are enchanted by the banal. They seem unmoved by his lack of accomplishment in any field of endeavor other than acting. The highlights of his Senate record seem to be a single bill to track wasteful spending, an ineptly run investigation on illegal Chinese campaign contributions and stewardship of a McCain-Feingold campaign-finance bill that most of them despise. And so far this year, Mr. Thompson has yet to offer any specific policy proposals.

In fairness, many "conservative insiders" have been supportive of both Mayor Giuliani and Governor Romney -- from David Dreier on the Mayor's team to former Senator Jim Talent on Governor Romney's. That being said, there is something discomforting about the fact that Fred Thompson can jump to the top of GOP polls having displayed minimal fire in the belly, little executive experience and very few thoroughly articulated policy positions.


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