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Monday, June 18, 2007

Ignoring the Truth

The Editors at National Review have it exactly right on Senator Lieberman and the threat posed by Iran:

Our politics is at an extraordinary pass when a senator who suggests we should be prepared to take military action to protect American troops from hostilities undertaken by a sworn enemy of the United States is roundly denounced. No Republicans have spoken out in Lieberman’s defense. Nearly everyone wants to take a “see no evil” posture toward Iran’s involvement in Iraq, even though Gen. Petraeus has spoken forthrightly about its murderous handiwork. Lieberman’s offense was merely to speak the truth.

The problem with the "see no evil" posture, of course, is that it only encourages more Iranian aggression, exhibit A being the Iranian-American hostages -- civilians, mind you -- currently being held by the terrorist state without cause. Would that the American left would get as upset about their plight as about that of the Guantanamo detainees.

Some of the groundwork for the current problems was laid when it became crystal clear that Iranians were supplying fighters and equipment to kill American soldiers in Iraq. When it was suggested that Americans were justified in following the fighters back across the Iranian border in order to put a stop to such deadly interference, self important senators like Biden and Hagel got the vapors -- presumably more upset at the prospect of violating Iran's "sovereignty" (wish they'd worry a bit more about that here at home) than about the fact that our soldiers are being killed by Iranians with IED's.

The mullahs in the Iranian government may be a little crazy, but they're not stupid. They know that Congress isn't going to countenance any meaningful action against them -- so, as the NRO editors ask, why should they stop -- or "negotiate," for that matter?


Blogger Marshall Art said...

The groundwork has been laid indeed. Too many in our government have been too happy to putter around under the guise of diplomacy to see with eyes wide open the character of the Iranian leadership. Let's hope we can weather the results of this weak-kneed approach to dealing with despotism.

6:59 PM  

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