Carol Platt Liebau: Rudy and Roe

Friday, June 08, 2007

Rudy and Roe

A piece by Michael Rosen over at Politico suggests that Rudy Giuliani should stand by his support for abortion rights while shunning the jurisprudential overreach of Roe v. Wade.

As I've pointed out before, Rudy's current position is incoherent so long as he tries to have it both ways on Roe (OK to uphold it, OK to strike it down). Given the current emphasis on terrorism-related issues, Rudy's stance on abortion itself may be more likely to be overlooked by Republican voters than it would have been pre-9/11, but what could really cause a problem is the coupling of his pro-choice views with what too often sounds like the endorsement of a judiciary comprised of philosopher-kings.


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