Carol Platt Liebau: Down in Flames?

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Down in Flames?

It looks like the immigration bill has run into serious trouble. Frankly, that's as it should be, given the arrogance of many of the bill's proponents, who have openly ignored even the serious and conscientious concerns raised by those who have real qualms about offering permanent temporary residence to any and all comers within the space of one business day.

Part of the problem is that those who have authored the bill have so prided themselves on being "grand compromisers" that they've refused to make even common sense changes -- witness the defeat of the Cornyn amendment, which would have only prevented convicted felons - including sex offenders, gang members and repeat drunk drivers - from becoming legal permanent residents.

Without a serious commitment to putting together a bill that makes sense, and given that every day reveals more and more serious deficiencies in the legislation, one can, reluctantly, only hope that this mess is indeed defeated.


Blogger Marshall Art said...

Well I certainly hope it is. I can't fathom the need for ramming this package of poop through. I don't think it's the way the grass roots would like to see it handled, and I certainly don't think too many have the confidence that it will play out in the least as advertised.

They should trash it, focus soley on sealing the borders and preventing more incursions. Then they can look at what to do with the illegals who are here, which should be, giving them a path to citizenship. I suggest the one that's already in place and begins somewhere south of our southern border. GET BACK IN LINE!

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