Carol Platt Liebau: For Shame

Thursday, June 21, 2007

For Shame

This piece details some of the scurrilous attacks against Governor Romney's religion that have been launched by his competitors.

What's most interesting is that the greatest number of them have come from the McCain camp -- that's right, from the campaign of the man who piously denounced alleged dirty politics on the part of George W. Bush's campaign in South Carolina back in 2000.


Blogger Bachbone said...

Were He to come back and declare a preference for an opponent, some politicians would stomp Jesus Himself. One would think what John Kennedy went through (re: his being Catholic) would have relegated this kind of attack to the trash bin of politics. But too much of politics actually resides in that bin to make such a scenario likely.

11:57 AM  
Blogger Ruth Anne Adams said...

Remember that Al Gore dug up Willy Horton on Governor Dukakis. The primaries are full of 'dirty tricks.'

What I dislike is the implication that I am a bigot because I evaluate Romney as a presidential candidate and consider among other factors the religion he believes, lives and practices and which influences his thinking.

He has a first amendment right to practice his faith. I have a first amendment right to talk about it. To unnecessarily squelch the talk makes me feel very hinky about him as a viable candidate. If he's the nominee you don't think the democrats are going to use everything in the potential dirty tricks arsenal? Let's see how he withstands the most withering criticism now.

Kerry's Catholicism [or, more precisely, how he failed to practice it] was just as worthy of scrutiny. That goes for Giuliani, too.

3:59 PM  
Blogger Righty64 said...

Sometimes, I feel like we share a brain! I posted on this earlier today. I am not surprised that Sen. McCain would stoop to this. He knows that Mr. Romney is the GOP front-runner and has to find a way to derail it. Sen. McCain is a desperate, bitter man. He is certinly NOT an heir to Ronald Reagan. No one really is nor should be. But, why I like and support Mr. Romney is because he, like Mr. Reagan, believes in the best about the United States and it shows. That kind of optimism can be contagious and that is what Sen. McCain is afraid of. Sliming a man or woman's religion is disgusting, but there will be more of it as this lllloooonnngggg campaign season continues. BTW, are you going to be Hugh Hewitt's guest host on Friday?

9:59 PM  

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