Carol Platt Liebau: Headed Left?

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Headed Left?

There's been widespread speculation about Michael Bloomberg running an independent presidential race. The excitement with which the press has covered the phenomenon suggests that many MSM'ers believe he would take votes from the Republican side.

But this story suggests that Bloomberg may have appeal to the left. After all, what Republican is going to take seriously an "independent" candidate who's flirting with Air America? It's as if the left were going to be expected to support a candidate who was visiting with Rush Limbaugh.


Blogger Earth to Carol said...

Your reasoning here suggests all Republicans who show up on liberal media should be tossed out. And since the right think all media (except FOX) is liberal biased, that becomes a lot of Republicans to toss out.

8:38 PM  
Blogger Bachbone said...

I don't see that Carol's post suggested any such thing, ETC. It merely pointed out that the MSM is misreading Bloomberg's appeal. And as a conservative, Carol likely has a better handle than you have on where conservatives will look for a candidate.

Besides, wasn't it liberal candidates who refused, a few weeks ago, to appear on a Fox debate forum? Those candidates backed out after the estreme Left demanded they do so. I don't know of any conservative who has refused to go on ABCBSCNNBC.

As for views on media bias, numerous published reports, done by reputable national polling organizations since at least 1996, show that even most liberals (including one former head of CBS News!)agree with conservatives on media being biased toward the Left. That topic has been cited in this forum, with sources, months ago. As they say, "you could look it up."

3:53 PM  

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