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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Just Not Getting It

Today's panel on Fox News Sunday offered some insight as to why many of the adherents of the new immigration bill are acting so arrogantly -- trying to ram through a cloture vote in the Senate tomorrow night being just the latest example.

Mara Liasson of Naitonal Public Radio essentially charged that many Republicans wouldn't be happy with the bill unless it included "mass deportations." Then Juan Williams -- also of NRP -- talked about the "xenophobes on the right."

If their views are at all representative, it suggests that many of those temperamentally inclined to support the bill really don't understand why so many people are so very unhappy. It has nothing to do with wanting to deport anyone, or with mindless xenophobia.

Rather, many reasonable people understand that it's simply impracticable to round up and send home the millions of illegal aliens in this country -- and they are willing to do something to help those people regularize their status here, despite the unfairness that results to the millions of law abiding people all over the world who want to emigrate here.

The problem is that same group of people likewise want to make sure we don't wind up in an identical mess in another 10 or 20 years -- and, even more importantly, we don't have a porous border that will alllow terrorists to enter this country unbeknown to us. Hence the insistence on real border security -- a real fence (does The White House rely on a "virtual fence" to protect the President? Of course not) and some reason to believe that both the Administration and the Democrats intend to do what neither has shown any inclination to do up to now -- namely, secure the border.


Blogger Kbobby said...

Why would the Democrats push for a strong immigration bill? It is not in their best interest. Why, because they know that the majority of illegals if given legal status will end up voting Democrat and thus ensure that this country will end up with a one party system. Oh, the Republicans are interested in getting reelected and they don't want to be perceived as anti-immigrant. What a joke where are the statesmen and women who put the security of this country above their own interests? For the last 30 years Congress has done nothing about the issue except put bandaids on the problem. Well we the people are to blame for electing Democrats and Republicans that are really nothing more than flim-flam artists feathering their own nests at our expense. I hope the voting public wake up before it is too late for real meaningful action on this issue.

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