Carol Platt Liebau: What's In a Name?

Friday, April 27, 2007

What's In a Name?

Gloria Steinem and Jane Fonda have established something called the Women's Media Center, in an effort to influential coverage of issues important to women.

At risk of being cynical, it's hard to believe that they're actually going to try to represent females with my views. Why not be more honest, and call it the "Feminist Women's Media Center" or the "Liberal Women's Media Center"?


Blogger robert said...

Jesse Jackson has run a successful shakedown business for years, putting a company in the media cross hairs and only relenting after he or his friends get a payoff.

Looks like the puri-pagan feminists want to get in on the act.

8:30 AM  
Blogger Marshall Art said...

Carol. You don't know anything about what women want. Don't you see? Gloria and Jane will tell you exactly what you want! And you'll like it!

11:53 AM  
Blogger One Salient Oversight said...

Obviously Carol and other conservative women don't represent the views of a lot of women out there.

2:10 AM  
Blogger The Flomblog said...

I've got $100 that is a fair survey is done, Carol adn the other conservative women do represent the views of MOST American women.

6:48 PM  
Blogger Marshall Art said...

I don't doubt it, OSO. A lot of women out there are idiots. But it's my understanding that the amount of women who align themselves with the likes of a N.O.W. for example, are dwarfed by those that side or contribute to Concerned Women for America. But if we were to assume that the reverse was true, that would only mean that there are even more idiot women out there. What a sad thing that would be.

9:08 PM  
Blogger Greg said...


Flomblog and Marshall have done a good job of pointing out which perspective most American women tend to agree with. But your statement is actually true. There are a lot of women who do not agree with Carol's point of view.

But Carol is not pretending to be the representative voice of all women. The point of this post is that Steinem and Fonda are posing as if they were the definitive voice for all women by creating "something called the Women's Media Center."

Carol is a woman. My wife is a woman. My mother is a woman. My mother-in-law was a woman. Both of my grandmothers were women. Both of my daughters are women. From what I know about the views of Steinem and Fonda, I can say from personal experience that their "Women's Media Center" will definitely NOT be a media center for the women in my life.

So, exactly what women is this media center supposed to speak for? According to the name, they claim to speak for ALL women. That is simply bogus. Carol has posed a good question. Why not have the integrity and honesty to state the true nature of this venture?

I think Robert answered that question in the first comment on this thread.

It's not at all about representing women. It's all about trying to gain power and influence.

5:43 AM  

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