Carol Platt Liebau: The Other Side of the Story

Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Other Side of the Story

Last week, a number of media outlets (like The Washington Post and LA Times reported allegations made by career Justice Department prosecutor Sharon Eubanks that the Administration had illegitimately interfered in a big-time tobacco prosecution.

Today on Fox News Sunday, however, Chris Wallace interviewed Eubanks, and her obvious political animus toward the Administration made her a less-than-convincing witness. Even more significantly, more facts than those in the linked story were adduced.

First, apparently complaints about the case were raised at the time -- and the Justice Department's Office of Professional Responsibility found no wrongdoing. (Make no mistake -- this is a career office, as evidenced by the fact that it had the same head from its inception in 1975 until 1997).

Second, the damages request was lowered only after an appeals court set legal parameters that indicated that Eubank's larger request might well be overturned on appeal.

There's probably a reason that all the faux-hyperventilating Democrats on the Hill haven't quite taken up Eubanks' cause.


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