Carol Platt Liebau: What About the National Interest?

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

What About the National Interest?

Every politician in America should read Frank Gaffney's piece, which asks a question that's been overlooked in the heated reporting over the House's non-binding resolution condemning the troop surge.

Frank Gaffney is merely asking whether the debate and the resolution -- which does, indeed, undermine the military and embolden the enemy -- is in the national interest. No, not the Democrats' political interest . . . in the national interest.

Gaffney likewise offers a much-needed reminder about the controversy involving Doug Feith:

[A] wealth of evidence was available to the CIA that indicated a relationship existed between Iraqi agents and al Qaeda operatives, spanning more than a decade. This evidence was compiled by the Defense Department staff members and presented, first to their own leadership and then, as directed, to other senior policymakers, intelligence officials and legislators. Much of this material was documented in a Pentagon memo supplied to the Senate Intelligence Committee in autumn 2003.

But hey -- if you're a Democrat, none of that matters. What matters is maintaining political power, whatever the cost to America, its security, and its national interest.


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