Carol Platt Liebau: The Truth About 'Iwo Jima'

Friday, February 23, 2007

The Truth About 'Iwo Jima'

This piece offers the real story about the despicable piece of Hollywood propaganda, "Letters from Iwo Jima." Anyone who fought WWII in the Pacific can testify to the unthinkable brutality of the Japanese soldiers -- and those who waited anxiously at home can still remember hoping that, if their loved ones had to be captured, it would be by the Germans rather than the Japanese.

Of course, that was all many years ago and the Japanese are now good friends and allies. But it's noteworthy that Hollywood -- which loves nothing better than films like "JFK" and "American Beauty," which denigrate American life and history -- can't wait to whitewash the wrongdoing of other countries, even as it consistently minimizes, downgrades and overlooks all that's wonderful about America.


Blogger jeffvalve said...

You Americans are so deluded about your place in this world... you really think you represent all that is right and just... Ask yourself this!... who is the only nation ever to have used an atomic bomb? Who is the nation who has instigated all of the major conflicts in the last 50 years? Its small wonder most of the worlds population are anti USA. Take a step out of your own back yard and see whats happening on this planet. You are despised the world over. Your soldiers are raping and killing civilians in Iraq, you are stealing oil reserves that do not belong to you to feed your insatiable desire to destroy this earth through the pollution you produce. You see yourselves as crusaders of a just cause..... wake up and smell the cordite!

3:22 PM  
Blogger Marshall Art said...


As anyone who studies history knows, the dropping of the bomb in Japan hastened the end of the war and ultimately saved more lives. If you read the linked piece about the times, almost the entire Japanese population was in support of their leaders during the war. Considering the devastation caused by the Japanese before the bomb, and how sharply it stopped afterward, it's stupid to thing that there could have been a better way.

Just what major conflicts have we instigated in the last 50 years? (This should be good.) I would also like to ask what source to your rely upon to come up with such goofy crap concerning what our soldiers are doing in Iraq and what our purpose is to be there? Are you so dim as to believe that we are targeting civilians? Are you so blinded that you believe an isolated incident is indicative of the average American soldier? Where are you from and what makes you think you have the right to condescend to us? Cite something substantive to back up your lame accusations.

10:54 PM  
Blogger Bachbone said...

Many years ago, I worked with a former Marine who fought and was wounded in action against the Japanese forces on Guadalcanal and Bougainville. Their fanaticism was quite evident to him. Even the liberal PBS rehashes of the War in the Pacific showed that Japanese troop movements just prior to Truman ordering the use of atomic weapons were to the routes that would be used if we invaded. Estimates as high as a million US land invasion casualties were presented to Truman, and the experiences my buddy (and other Marines) had on those Pacific Islands suggested the estimates may well have been low. Easy for Monday morning quarterbacks like JV to say what Truman should have done. (For more indications of Japanese military fanaticism, read "Across the Dark Islands: The War in the Pacific," by Floyd W. Radke, and "An Alcove in the Heart," by Sidney Diamond.)

JV, if the US wanted Iraqi oil reserves, they'd have been taken by now. Instead, Iraqis are trying to work out a paradigm for sharing oil revenues while US haters, like you, would rather blow up oil facilities than see the Iraqi government, and its citizenry, profit from them.

Your use of the term "crusaders" suggests you may be an Islamofacist sympathizer. Would you care to expound on that use, JV?

Since the US is, according to your post, "...destroy[ing] this earth through the pollution [we] produce...", what do you say about the fact that CO2 emissions in Europe are rising about twice as fast as those in the US, and in fact, the gap has been expanding in recent years? If you're living in Europe, what have you done to lessen your nation's pollution?

To my knowledge, no one on this blog has ever even remotely suggested the US is perfect. In fact, most posts are critical of it, when warranted.

As Carol has oft stated, commenters are entitled to their own opinions, but facts are facts. That's apparently something many liberals can't deal with. Instead, they level outlandish beliefs without giving proof, then set out to silence anyone who disagrees with them.

12:25 PM  

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