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Thursday, February 22, 2007

American Spectator Column

Here is my piece running today in the American Spectator Online. It's about all the concern on the part of left-wing groups excited by the torture scenes in "24" -- funny how all the same entities are considerably less worried about the more numerous and more glamorous depictions of teenage sex that blanket the medium of television.


Blogger Marshall Art said...

I believe the old saying goes something like this:

"I'd rather my kids see people making love, than people killing each other."


There's no difference, apparently, between gratuitous violence and violence in the context of good vs evil, or good guys vs bad guys. But with sexual situtations, there really is no difference between gratuitous sex between unmarried people and dramatic sex between unmarrieds. Either way, it's sex between unmarried people and it is glorified all too often in television and movies these days.

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