Carol Platt Liebau: What Will Nancy Do About It?

Sunday, December 31, 2006

What Will Nancy Do About It?

What will Nancy Pelosi, who has pledged to "uphold the highest ethical standards" do about the news that John Conyers may be accepting responsibility for requiring his official staff to do campaign work?

Let's be clear. As a Capitol Hill staffer, one of the first things one learns is the sharp distinction between official work and campaign work -- that never, ever, ever may the twain meet. In fact, senators arrange to have offices in non-governmental buildings from which they can transact campaign business, so strict is the distinction. Staffers who want to help with campaigns are required to do so entirely and completely on their own time.

The ethics rule that, it appears, Conyers has broken is neither obscure nor difficult to understand. As such, is he really the right person to be chairing the House Judiciary Committee, which is charged with overseeing numerous ethical issues as they pertain to federal law enforcement and the judiciary?


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