Carol Platt Liebau: A Great Dutch Reawakening?

Saturday, December 30, 2006

A Great Dutch Reawakening?

There's reason to believe that secularism in Holland is being rolled back, as a new wave of interest in Christianity is increasingly evident in the country.

A good deal of the growth is, apparently, being driven by young people, many of whom have never even been exposed ot Christianity. It will be interesting to see if religious renaissances likewise follow in other European countries thave have hitherto eliminated religion from public life and culture.


Blogger Moodism said...

It's always amusing to me when the Democrats and the progressives Speak of "taking America back..."
Respecting the U.S. constitution and the attendant limits on state power can hardly be characterized as "stealing" our government from anyone, yet that is the way that the left would have the conservative majorities portrayed.

Simularly, the left has assumed for several decades, that the U.S. would inevitably look more and more like Europe, i.e. secularism and state socialism. There is no evidence that would lead us to conclude that either one is capable of improving the lives of anyone. Quite the opposite.

How facinating then, that the Dutch are moving in a direction htat would seem to make them look more like America. Hopefully they will be successful in "taking back" their country and society from the ravages of secularism, socialism...and multi-culteralism.

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