Carol Platt Liebau: Any Concern At All?

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Any Concern At All?

As amazing as the underreporting of the story is the lack of any reaction from Democrats to news that Al Qaeda in Iraq has hailed their victory.

If you were a Democrat, wouldn't it give you a moment's pause to think that the nation's enemies were that delighted that you'd won? And wouldn't you be eager to distance yourself from them and those sentiments?

If President Bush put out a statement expressing confidence that the Democrats would support continued efforts to defeat Al Qaeda in Iraq, no doubt numerous Dems would fall all over themselves issuing statements correcting, contradicting or adding nuance to his words. But Al Qaeda starts gleefully expressing delight over Democrats' rise to power, and apparently no one thinks it's worth the trouble to insist to them -- or to the rest of the world -- that the Democratic victory isn't actually a good thing for terrorists. Interesting.


Blogger Editor said...

And I thought Bush and Cheney said they had made the world safer. How will they explain this now?

7:06 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

The Bush Administration has put a policy in place that will make America and the rest of the world safer. That's WILL MAKE, not HAS MADE.

The policy is bold, far-reaching and, yes, a radical departure from our previous failed policies. If carried out with determination and courage it will change the Middle East and the world for the better for decades to come.

The problem is the Democrats have no intention of allowing this policy to succeed. And the terrorists know it! That's why they are so happy to see Democrats win elections in the U.S.

It's not so much that the Democrats are in favor of terrorism. It's that they are against a Republican getting any credit whatsoever for helping to end it. They'd rather win the election than win the war.

And that is the major flaw in the Democratic leadership in America. They are more motivated by bringing down Republicans than they are with bringing down terrorists.

That, my friends, is unconscionalble and it is dangerous!

And, back to Carols's point, why aren't the Democrats lining up before the cameras and microphones to denounce the "misguided" jubilation of the terrorists with Democratic victories in this year's election?

Are they merely tone-deaf? Definitely a possibility.

Or, are they so in tune with the terrorist cause (if not the terrorists' methods) - to bring down America - that they don't realize that affiliation with terrorist goals is a BAD THING?

7:51 AM  

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