Carol Platt Liebau: Why to Vote Republican

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Why to Vote Republican

I wrote yesterday about the foreign policy ramifications of a Democratic victory next Tuesday.

But there are other reasons for conservatives to get out to vote, as well. If the Dems win, hello, amnesty. And good-bye to any chance of a solid Supreme Court.

As Dennis Prager notes, it's okay for conservatives to be angry, but they'd be well advised to vote Republican, anyway.

Otherwise, they're likely to be a whole lot angrier come next year.


Blogger dodger said...

Kerry says the U.S. Military is populated by school dropouts.

the U.S. Military is the most efficient business model ever built, far outpacing GM, IBM, and other behemoths. They are the biggest users of computers, the biggest users of just about anything you can imagine.

What other enterprise could feed and house 200,000 troops 6000 miles from their home base? None, not McDonalds, not Subway, not Starbucks.

Is there to be no end to Kerry? The man is deranged.

3:32 PM  

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